Holistically Healthy YOU!

Looking for a natural remedy to health conditions?

Looking to stay healthy and reverse damage already done to your body?

Want to give your children the nutrients they need to grow wholly and stay healthy?

If you answered yes to any of those, you’re on the same journey as us! We are Brad and JoAnna Swoyer- Nurse and Police Officer by day, preventative & holistic health activists at night! We want to share our experiences with others, in order to pay it forward and encourage those around us to become healthy and happy- naturally!

We recently became Independent Business Owners with two holistic health companies– Genesis Pure and DoTerra essential oils!   We believe in our products completely, and plan to blog about what a difference they are making for us as we continue to reap the benefits!

We want to help, so feel free to email us any questions related to  preventative health, or natural remedies! I (JoAnna) dream of being Dr. Quinn medicine woman when I grow up , and can come up with a natural remedy for almost anything you throw my way! I also continue to accrue knowledge and can give advice directly related to my experiences as a nurse!

Here is all of our contact information, and do continue to follow us! 🙂





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